Iris ID - OU7S-AK


The OU7S-AK performs high-speed dual iris capture and outputs high quality ISO standards compliant images. Both eyes can be simultaneously captured. The OU7S-AK provides an unparalleled intuitive user interface, which makes the process easier for the user and operator. The OU7S-AK is also equipped with an orientation sensor and left and right iris capture management controls which can be selected prior to or during the process.

Iris ID Systems - OU7S-AK


  • High Speed Iris Capture & Matching
  • On or Off Device Iris Template Matching
  • Up to 100K User Record Matching in 1 Second
  • National ID Quality Iris Image Compliant
  • 5MP Face Camera (White LED Flash)
  • Capture Distance - 28~38cm (11~15 Inches)
  • Tilt Assist


  • User Interface - Virtual LED Indication
  • Flexible Mounting Options
  • Adapter Powered

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