Signotec - SignoPad Software API

SignoPad Software API

The SignoPAD-API is an extremely powerful interface for integrating the signotec signature pads, offering a variety of functions to interact with the devices. As an integrator, you can display content (such as images, graphics, text, buttons, etc.) and documents, manage memory, configure standby images, slide shows, and control RSA and signature functionality in the pad.

Signotec- SignoPad Software API


  • Enumerates Available Pad Devices
  • Enables Use of Pads in Parallel
  • Controls Pad Backlighting
  • Controls Pad Diplay Options
  • Adjusts Pad Sensor Up to 500 Hz
  • Powers RSA Encryption of Biometrics
  • Interacts With Available Connection Types

Operating Systems

  • Windows (32 & 64 bit)
  • Windows (Java)
  • Linux (Java)
  • Linux (Native)

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