Gen2Wave - A10 Biometric Sled

A10 Biometric Sled (Android™)

The A10 Bio Sled is a versatile Android™ mobile platform for verification and authentication of identity using biometric and automatic data capture technologies. The A10 can be equipped with fingerprint, dual iris recognition, facial recognition, thermometer, MRZ Reader, Barcode scanner, Smartcard Reader, HID iClass and MSR Reader capabilities.

Gen2Wave A10 Biometric Sled

Features & Specifications

  • Fingerprint Reader (FBI Certified)
  • Contact Smartcard Reader
  • 2D/1D Barcode Scanner
  • Integrated SAM Card Slot
  • Dual Iris Recognition
  • MRZ(OCR) Reader
  • HID RFID & MSR Reader
  • Medical Grade Thermometer


  • SmartPhone Connect: USB Type C (Male)
  • SmartPhone Positioning: Otterbox uniVERSE Case
  • Connection: USB Type C (Female)
  • SmartPhone OS: Android 9.0 or Higher

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