Signotec - Delta E-Signature Pad

Delta E-Signature Pad

The Signotec Delta is designed for applications where it is important to display documents in their entirety. A4 documents are displayed in their original width. The included pen allows you to scroll smoothly through the document. It is the ideal solution for businesses where complex documents need to be read before signatures are applied.

Signotec- Delta E-Signature Pad


  • 10.1" (25.6 cm) Colour Display
  • Screen Resolution: 1,280 x 800 Pixels
  • Displays A4 documents (Original Width)
  • Battery-Free Pen
  • 2,048 Pressure Levels
  • 500 Hz Sampling Rate
  • ERT Sensor Life Expectancy: 30M Signatures


  • Configurable Using SignoPad API
  • HID-USB, WIN-USB, Virtual Com Port
  • Power Over Ethernet

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