Grabba - Biometric Technologies

Handheld Biometric Technologies

Grabba Biometric Technologies, integrated into the company's hand-held device sleds, are developed and specifically designed to enable identity authentication in the field. As such, Grabba device sleds are ideal solutions for Law Enforcement, Border Protection, Emergency Response, Forensic Investigation and other high security applications.

Grabba Biometric Technologies

Biometric Technologies

  • Area Imaging (1D & 2D) Barcode Scanner
  • Contact SmartCard Reader
  • High Frequency RFID Reader
  • Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) Passport Reader
  • Magnetic Stripe (MSR) Reader
  • FBI Appendix F Certified FAP 10 Fingerprint Capture
  • Iris Scanning & Recognition
  • Facial Recognition


  • Apple iPhone® Devices
  • Samsung Galaxy® Devices
  • Android™ Systems

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