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Mobile Biometric Capture Solutions

Through strategic alliances with our global technology partners, including AsReader, Inc., Gen2Wave Co., Grabba Technologies, Iris ID Systems and Signotec GmbH, MetaDolce Technologies provides best-in-class mobile biometric solutions for Identity Authentication, Access Control, Law Enforcement, Border Protection, Time & Attendance, Transportation and Healthcare applications.

Gen2Wave A10 Biometric Sled

Gen2Wave solutions include the A10 Biomtric Mobile Device Sled, and the RP70A-BIO Compact Handheld Tablet: both used for mobile biometric identity authentication, event registration and much more.

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Available for Apple and Android OS hand-held devices, Grabba sleds extend the capabilities of mobile devices for biometric data processing.

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Grabba Mobile Device Sleds
Iris ID Authentication

IRIS ID® 7000 sets the world standard for iris scanning performance and versatility, utilizing single- and multi-factor authentication. Now in its fourth generation, IrisAccess® is well-paired with IRIS ID's new iCAM7 product series.

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AsReader makes low-cost mobile biometric data collection a reality, bringing 1D and 2D Barcode Scanning and RFID Reading/Writing capabilities to the leading mobile devices available today.

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AsReader Scanner Solutions
Signotec E-Signature Solutions

Signotec's signature capture pads feature color and monochrome LCD's available in a wide range of sizes, with screen presentation and pad operation functions configurable using SignoPAD Software API's, and SignoSign/2 software enabling the remote signing of PDF documents.

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