Signotec - SignoSign2 Software

SignoSign2 E-Signature Software

With "signoSign/2" you can create PDF documents, sign them by hand and process them automatically. The signature can be captured via signature pads, Windows Tablet-PCs / Convertibles and Android as well as Apple iOS mobile devices. This allows digitization of your processes, flexibly and easily. Simultaneously, you generate legally compliant and conclusive electronic signatures (according to the ISO standard) directly within your digital document.

Signotec- SignoSign E-Signature Software


  • E-Signatures according to ISO Standard
  • Supports Common PDF Formats
  • Dynamic Recognition of Signature Positions
  • Completes and Saves PDF Forms
  • Secure Mode" for Real-Time Document Display
  • High Security Via Encryption

Operating Systems

  • Windows & Windows Remote Desktop
  • Windows PCs, Laptops, Tablets & Servers
  • Citrix (Citrix Ready Certified)

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